Custom puzzles

Many people like my puzzles, so I decided to accept purchase orders for the custom ones.

How can you do?

– Choose one of my illustrations or ask me a new art commission. 
– I will send you the price list, so you will be able to choose your puzzle specifics
(dimension and pieces, big or small)
– I will prepare a quotation.   
– If the quotation is accepted, I will prepare the file and manage your order.

The puzzle will arrive directly to your home.


If you choose one of my illustrations you will spend:
puzzle price + 9€ for delivery + 5€ for my illustration

If you choose the art commission you will spend:
puzzle price + 9€ for delivery + art commission price

Do you like this idea?

Postcard puzzle

Another good idea is the postcard puzzle. 
This is a limited edition available in 4 variants.

Usage guide:
1. Write the message on the back side of postcard.
2. Break the puzzle. 
3. Put the puzzle pieces in the white envelope (included in the package).
4. Ship or hand delivery to whoever you like!

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